May the First be with you!

I am thanking God for this amazing day!

We have survived a long winter here at the Drive-In. But this is certainly a beautiful reward for perseverance. Worshiping the Lord in the glories of the spring reminds me of promise. It reminds me of resurrection! We will one day be in that fully restored creation, in a new earth, with resurrection bodies that don’t hurt, and with no reason for grief or loss. These times on earth are a glimpse of that.

If you have never been to the Woodland Drive-In Church before, COME AND SEE! There is no better time to meet God, where you are, as you are, in the beauty of his creation!

We have much new life to be thankful for at the church right now, beginning with this new website! I hope it becomes a tool of outreach, but also a way for us to connect during the week. Our Children’s Church grows each month, bringing activity and joy to the whole community! We just celebrated our many volunteers with a beautiful recognition dinner! And more good things are on the horizon! God is PRESENT with us in this journey.

Now is the time of great harvest. The love of Jesus is hope in a world that needs hope, purpose for people who need purpose, and healing in a place of struggle. When things look dark, we look to the true light. Because really, there is so much promise and potential in the world around us! We can’t grow weary now of doing good! Now is the moment to do more!

It’s funny, a lot of the verses about “doing good” are actually directed at women. I think it is a recognition of the unseen work, the unannounced love. But the charge is for us all. GOD ALREADY LOVES US TO THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT! We don’t try to win God’s love. We DO bear fruit.

We bear fruit keeping with our love for the one who loves us.

That is my prayer for all of you this week. Bear fruit!

It is my prayer for the church. Bear fruit!

“But the seed in the good soil, these are the ones who have heard the word in an honest and good heart, and hold it fast, and bear fruit with perseverance.”

May you persevere this week, in all of God’s grace, to serve him in all that you do!

Much Love in Christ,

Pastor Traci